TEOREMA, TEaching On-line pRoject for Economic MAthematics, is an on-line course designed by CILEA in collaboration with the lecturers of General Mathematics of all the Economics faculties of the universities in Lombardy.



The goal was - and still is - to provide the basic knowledge and mathematical capabilities necessary to understand the university courses of mathematics of the first year. TEOREMA supports or replaces the pre-courses held in class in the weeks before the beginning of the academic year.



The project was born in 2000 and became operative during the academic year 2002/2003. The activities performed during these years have involved a continuous development of the software, the correction and the improvement of the contents and the implementation of a better and more efficient presentation. Since 2004 the content complies to the SCORM standard and it is diffused in a completely Open Source environment.



In 2005, the course was integrated with an auto-evaluation test of the acquired knowledge. This was proved a very useful tool to measure the didactic efficacy of the pre-course as well as the basic preparation of the students.



In 2006 TEOREMA was used by over 1000 students from five faculties. During the same year the pre-course was used as an experiment during by high school students in their senior.



The website is   

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